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LMA Mission Statement

Our Objectives are to help build Liberia’s music industry by awarding our artists on the biggest platform that comes with lots of benefits and therefore empowerment; providing opportunities for artists, disc jockeys and promoters from across Liberia and the diaspora; to meet, demonstrate and to share their musical achievements and creativity. To importantly evaluate our talents and reflect on our creativities and achievements in a constructive and educational way; reconciliation and healing. So, the foundation is gearing towards uplifting rising stars for tomorrow’s entertainment world.

  • To facilitate the exposure, promotion and celebration of the arts thru music and fusions
  • Make African Liberian music a mass appeal genre
  • Identify, and recognize hidden musical talents in order to give mentorship and needed exposure.
  • Provide opportunity to learn about the rich musical heritage of Liberia
  • To promote moral values through the medium of music
  • Embarking on community development programs and supporting deprived communities through collaborative action

About us

Through Liberia’s 15 years of civil war, so many people used music for uplifting themselves and others. Through music many people found the courage to stay alive and fight for their lives. Post-war, musicians made music for inspiration, spirituality, love, comedy and much more. Even though lives were lost, music made a huge contribution as far as encouragement and uplifting spirits. We exist to congratulate and thank those with these musical talents.


Calling all Artists that make music or are associated with the music industry. If you are from Liberia or of Liberian Descent this is the Award show for you. This is a World Wide Award show for all Seven Continents, because Liberians are world wide.

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